Modifikasi Harley-Davidson Hot Rodz Full Custom

Owner: Heriz Sitompul - Tobasa Hot Rodz
Affiliation: Boeaja
Year / Make / Model: 2005/V-Twin Panhead / Ape hanger
Fabrication: Tobasa / Endo.Raharjo / Haji.Nasir
Assembley: Tobasa / Endo.Raharjo / Haji.Nasir
Build Time: 6 months

Year / Type / Volume: 2005/V-Twin Panhead/88 Cubic Inches (1442 cc)
Builder: Endo.Raharjo / Tobasa
Cases: S & S
Flywheels: S & S
Rods: S & S
Pistons: S & S
Cylinders: S & S
Heads: STD (Dual Plug)
Valves: STD
Rockers: STD
Rocker Boxes: STD
Pushrods: STD
Pushrod Tubes: STD
Ignition: STD
Oil Pump: Sifton
Cams: S & S
Carburetor: S & S Super D
Air Cleaner: S & S
Exhaust: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir

Year / Type: 2007/5-Speed into 4-Speed Case with kicker
Case: RevTech
Gears: N / A
Clutch: Barnett
Primary Drive: 4-inch Open Belt Primal

Frame: Frame 2008/Rigid
Assembly: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir

Front: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Shock Absorber: Fox Racing Shox "Air Vanilla RC"

WHEELS, AND Tires Brakes
Front Wheel: Nomad 23 "x3.5"
Front Tire: Avon Venom-R 130/60Vr23
Front Brake caliper: 4-piston HHi
Rear Wheel: Nomad 18 "x10.5"
Rear Tire: Avon Venom-R 300/35VR18
Brake caliper Rear: 4-piston HHi
Chain Sprocket: 48 Tooth Nomad
Front & Rear Brake rotors: Nomad 11.5 "One-Piece rotors

Colors: Gray
Painter: Toothless
Chroming: Brilliant SMG
Coppers: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir

Rear Fender: Tobasa
Gas Tank: Tobasa
Oil Tank: Tobasa
Gas Cap: Choppers Inc
Oil Cap: Choppers Inc
Brake Handle: Triumph T120
Handlebar: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Oil Filter: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Handlegrip: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Foot Controls: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Foot Pegs: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Sissy Bar: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
License Mounting: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Seat: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Tag light: Tobasa / Haji.Nasir
Ignition Key: Genuine H-D WL
Battery: Genuine H-D
Headlight: Arlen Ness
Master Cylinder Rear Brake: Performance Machine

Harley Davidson, a brand which become a legend, not only in US but also in entire world. The history 1 of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle began in Milwaukee in 1903. This motorcycle was initially built for racing and was powered by a one-cylinder gasoline combustion engine. Later that year the first Harley-Davidson dealership, C.H. Lang of Chicago, opened and sold one of three motorcycles manufactured that year. In 1906, due to increasing demands and need for a larger facility to fabricate their motorcycles, Harley-Davidson moved to a new factory measuring just 28×80 feet on Juneau Ave. Along with this expansion came more jobs. By now Harley-Davidson employed 6 full-time employees. Also this year the first Company catalogue was produced and distributed. In 1907, some big advances took place. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company was incorporated on September 17th, 1907, and the number of employees increased to a healthy 18. The size of the factory also doubled.