2009 Kawasaki Athlete

1. Design a market for fresh cock. If during this time we only show disuguhi with FU and Sonic, now have a new rooster design with a more fresh. Design is a matter of taste depending on each person, but at least Athlete has provided an alternative for fans cock. Apart from the body, fresh impression can also be seen from the use of a unique disc plate.
2. The placement of tanks in the middle of the bones for some people because it is the aesthetic design that is less likely to be unanimous and sporti, but irrespective of the design problem of the subjective we can see that the placement of tanks such as this will make it easier to fill when gasoline. We do not need to come down from gasoline to fill the seat, close enough to open the tank is in front of us, such as motor sport.
3. The use of centrifugal clutch are also less suitable for those who want a more spontaneous acceleration, but this value is plus for those who do not like the use of manual clutch. For those of you who do not to use the manual clutch, you can still enjoy motor sport without having to duck "direpotkan" play with the clutch lever.
4. Use monoshock type of sleep that is unique in the motor production Indonesia. Concerning the impact to the handling has not been clear, but in this case is a cosmetic value.
5. From all that the most obvious problem is the price. Clutch manual removal, use of machine upright and wipe brush beradiator and other technology can certainly reduce the cost of production Athlete, and electrical current, of course, the biggest selling price. Kawasaki often duck out of the selling price lower than competitors, may also apply for this motor. So with the cheap price you can get at the motor sport with a fresh look plus the features above.