Gambar Modifikasi Honga Tiger Revo 2009

Honda Tiger Revo

Honda tiger revo track back 2009, is the manufacturer of the product candidate polish, polish polish is there, give it a new name or supplement the new new products, as happened at Honda REVO. But you know since that was launched nearly two years ago, Honda tiger revo, does not change or in other words facelift? This is strange considering the Honda facelift every so often do in the product, at least in a period of one year certain minor changes. But after two years was launched, not in Tiger REVO update.

I'm not sure why Honda does not properly perform REVO update on Tiger, but I can think of at least estimate what the attitude behind this Honda. Here are some of the possibilities is the case, some may be incompetent but can only occur:

1. Honda considers Tiger REVO legend as a product that better diusik existence does not include details of-view and details, including stripping. This is done to a common product that is considered as the identity of the manufacturer of the product, but if Tiger REVO selegenda that?
2. Honda REVO assume Tiger is no longer as promising products pendulang gold, rather than invest the money for things that do not bring more good fortune to use in other products memfacelift :-)
3. Honda would be confused what product they change this one, may also think they are hard to change the look up to Tiger REVO diundur must be more up to a year. But this seems quite impossible because we know the Honda jago soal roll change. But everything is going so-so?
4. This is my favorite, although it is still rumor, Honda set up the "The All New Honda REVO 250" or apalah name, which clearly will be a large-scale changes in the body and the engine upgraded to 250cc. In fact rumor has appeared REVO akan when Tiger was launched, but what power, Honda only replace the body, exhaust, and press peranti waste gas emissions. But this time may actually be launched. Automotive in Thursday editions of 17 April 2008 at a glance, also mentioned about this.