A Guide To Bike Modification

Modified bikes have been a craze for younger people from the very decade of the invention of this wonder machine. Unlike any other vehicle, bikes are being modified into different shapes and looks. There are certain reasons behind the tendency of bike modification. Bikes, most of the times, are meant for younger people who always prefer changes and are eager to look different. Another reason behind bike modification is bikes are comparatively cheaper to modify.

It is a fact that most of the modified bikes are imitations of super-bikes. Younger people like to grab the attraction from the society, riding super-bikes. But the price stretching into few lakhs, results many of the super bikes out of reach to the middle class men, and the only option left out is to modify a cheaper bike into a super bike. Also the influences from entertainment industry and motor sports tempt people to modify their bikes to resemble that of their heroes.

There are two types of modifications, performance or looks. You can also go for both at the same time. Performance modification could no way give guarantee that it will imitate, superior bikes while looks modifications may give you the perfect satisfaction of a super bike. There are several modification kits available for each and every part of your bike. You can either alter the shapes or replace body parts with new moulded ones. If you are creative enough, you can have your own design and there are certain companies who will execute your ideas on your bike.

There are two types of modifications, performance or looks.
The body works are mainly done by using fiberglass reinforced plastic. This material offers you the quality of parts, perfect finish and a glazing surface. A majority of modification kits include clip on handlebars, stylish graphics and stickers, mag-alloy wheels, rear view mirrors, tuned exhaust silencer, specially designed seats etc... Also you can avail modified petrol tanks and mudguards.

It is always better to approach any experienced bike modifier than a local mechanic. Modification is not a change over from a cheaper bike to super bike, but it is just faking the physical appearance of super bikes. Thus even though you are riding a bike that resembles a highly superior bike, always aware of the limitations of the basic model.

Performance modification can increase the efficiency of the bike, to a limited extent, while body modification decreases millage and performance.

The most common modifications include removing the saree guard, rear view mirrors, increasing the size of the rear tyre, changing the handle bar, using alloy wheels and changing shock absorbers etc... Some people even go for an entire body alteration while keeping the engine as it is. You can also work on the sound of the bike.

When you take your bike to a modifier always remember in mind that by remodeling the machine, you are decreasing the market value of the bike, also bike manufacturers give the warning that every minute alteration made on the bike will affect the performance of the machine.