"The Bajaj 180 Dtsi is a great Indian bike"

What things have gone wrong with the motorcycle?

1: The chrome on the exhaust is not that good.

2: The paint job sucks, very poor quality paint job.
General comments?

I bought the Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dtsi after a lot of thinking and reading. I read almost all the reviews online.

Finally went to the Baja showroom. I will never forget that day, just as I walked in I saw my Bajaj 180 Dtsi, the only 180 in the show room, the look was amazing.

I asked them for a test ride, but due to some misunderstanding they gave me the 150 cc to ride. The bike was really smooth and unlike any other 4-stroke, I liked the pickup of the bike, it really pulled hard in every gear.

I walked back into the show room and told them that I would go for the 180 Dtsi. They asked me to go for the 150 instead. I was shocked, I said that I wanted to go in for the 180 Dtsi KS in the room. Finally after a day of waiting, I got to take out the bike. The ride was unbelievable. I felt good.


1) Change the engine oil every 1000 Ms or every month.

2) Check the chain, it gets loose often.

3) Keep the tires at low pressure, it gives great grip. It is dangerous to ride on a hard tyre.

This bike is almost maintenance free.

The first 2000 kms were really tense, the engine got really hot, that's because of the aluminum bore.

I changed the engine oil every month, that kept the engine noise at bay. The bike does crazy wheelies.

The stoppies are very small and might damage the front fork.


1) Speed & Pick-up: Greater Pick-up and crazy top speed, it is possible to go up to 140 if the exhaust and the carb are tweaked. The bike does 120-130 without any probs, 100 kms is too easy.

2) Mileage: The mileage is just great, I easily get 45-50 per liter. I once got 60 - I was shocked.

3) The crash bar is the best, it protects the bike from going into pieces, and might save you from getting stuck under the bike in a crash. Never, never remove the crash bar.

4) Stability: The bike is extremely stable, even in panic stops. If the air pressure in the tyres is correct. you can stop the bike in seconds.

5) Feel: Everything gives you a feel, clothes, perfume, shoes, and so does a bike. You need to find the bike that makes you feel on top of the world, and the Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dtsi gives me that feel.

The only thing that I hate about the bike is the paint job, it is very poor quality and will need repainting in 2 years for sure. It is prone to scratches.