Minerva Sachs 250

Minerva Sachs 250Minerva Sachs 250 picture

May already know that a lot of PT Minerva Motor Indonesia, launched its newest product, Minerva Sachs 250. Variant New launching in the 28 April this been Sachs (Germany) and Megelli (UK). Sachs working on the machine, while on business performance was on Megelli who are used to handle the motor sport.
Market in Indonesia, Minerva Sachs appear in three types of variants of 250 R (Full Fairing), 250 S (Sport) and 250 M (Super Motto). The price? Quite competitive with several brands made in Japan motor sport. To 250 R the price starting Rp 28.9 million, while the S 250 worth Rp 26.9 million, and the last 250 M Rp 26.9 million. Mineva target sell The new product is about 3000 units per month or 36,000 units per year.