Modification Honda Vario motor so low rider is not something new anymore. However, the Deden Darmawan's JK Cutom, Sumedang, West Java, this path be regarded outside the mainstream. He does not use the retreat-retreat as a holder of a machine. Deden make breakthrough on the 2008 Honda Vario. When steering wheel dimundurkan, it is done without changing the structure of the original framework.

Because the back is, to grip the wheel dibikinkan such as iron cantilever arm swing. Utilize breket holder in the engine area. Arm swing deliberately contrived single, Deden said, though appear more sip. Monoshock with Sokbreker also stay in the holder arm swing before.

To transfer power from the rear wheel as been associated with the gear chain to the gear wheels on the back of the new. Rantainya deliberately made with two parallel gear that position.

Penghenti rate for the system alias brake, Deden have to change them into disc. Position with the gear stick forward so simple at the same time take advantage of empty space.

Both wheels velg been lingkarnya from a custom car wheels with different size. 4-inch front and back 5.5 inches, using a car tire. Velg the middle of the model itself is designed using the crossbar five thick plate material.

Meanwhile, the body of almost all standard Vario vanish and be replaced with the minimal model rounded indentation. "Unless the deck is still original," said Deden. For handlebar, the naked form is made U-bar.