Honda CBR 250R Modif by Nui Racing

If you already have a Honda CBR 250R, but wanted to look more different, try to look at the results of modification Nui Racing Project. Manufacturers of accessories and after-market components of native Thailand, this has changed the action CBR 250R became aggressive legih nan casual. Even CBR 250R by Nui Racing participate exhibited at the Bangkok International Motor Show to-32 (BIMS 2011) are ongoing at this time. find CBR 250R modified while being visited booth Nui Racing Project. Sport bike appear more slender and quite attractive eyes. The most striking thing that we admire is the use of solid swingarm alerts Products Asia. Made from aluminum, this swing arm was significantly larger than that of CBR 250R standard. Although locally made Thai, we assess the swingarm is very good workmanship. The process of welding is done so smooth, so no less by well-known brands.

In addition, Nui Racing also use double seat "Sak 9" black terjadit red thread. Still at the top, Nui Racing mengolaborasi package Scotts aluminum handlebar clamp. This combined the handlebar brake lever and throttle kit alerts Brembo Racing Nui. At the bottom of the front, a large-diameter discs have also been replaced with products Nui Racing. Devices rate freeze that carries a 4-pot Brembo caliper is associated with aluminum bracked qualified.

The combination almost as well as embedded in the rear wheel, where the Brembo caliper sticking together black aluminum bracket. Action CBR 250R looks more solid premises wrapped in kevlar racing exhaust is hung with aluminum brackets. Meanwhile, the latest Footstep adjustable models made specifically for CBR 250R has carried this motor. Footstep it appear shiny with the original color of aluminum.